This manifold was design, built and assemble for a mooring winch application in our facility. It was meant to be mount directly to the port of a Kawasaki Staffa motor. It mains function is for:

  • directional control of the motors ( two Staffa motors driving a main gear),
  • different speed selection via solenoid valve,
  • it was built with the capability of free wheeling one motor if there is a need for the operation of the winch.

Our scope of components supplies are as follows:

  • Slip in Cartridge from Eaton
  • Solenoid Directional valve from Eaton
  • Screw in Cartridge from Sun Hydraulics
  • Main winch control valve from Servi Hydranor
  • Manifold by Power & Motion Control Pte Ltd
  • Hydraulic motor from Kawasaki Staffa.


Hydraulic Power Packages

The Hydraulic Power Packages will normally consists of hydraulic pump couple to an electric motor. Other components involved in the assembly are tank accessories, directional control valves and electrical panel. The size and electric power of the motor will be selected based on the input supplied by the customers.

  • Close loop pump from Eaton
  • Directional valve from Eaton
  • Electrical components in the electrical panel are mainly of Eaton origin.
  • Air/oil cooler from Parker


Pumps & Motors

The K7VG variable displacement pump was manufacture by Kawasaki. Its maximum operating pressure is 350 bar.Displacement available for this range is 180 cc/rev, 270cc/rev and 500 cc/rev.

Please refer to our product list for options on piston pumps.

NG 6 Directional valves


The NG6 valves in the picture were manufactured by Wanfluh from Switzerland.

The option available with these valves are as follows:

  • Intrinsically safe option for coil
  • Explosion proof coil
  • Stainless steel body
  • Option for actuation of valves, ie combination of solenoid and manual operator.

Please refer to our product list for option on valves.




The Marine Crane is engineered for superior performance in maritime operations. Designed to withstand harsh oceanic conditions, this crane is ideal for cargo handling, ship-to-ship transfers, and offshore construction projects.

Available in various models to suit specific requirements. Cranes can be customized and delivered to meet customer-specific safe working load requirements, with various slew bearing dimensions and pedestal heights. These tailored cranes accommodate operational needs and industry regulations. Options for customization include different boom lengths, load capacities, and additional attachments for specialized tasks.



Marine Winch is a robust and reliable solution designed for a variety of marine applications. It excels in environments where precision, strength, and durability are paramount. This winch is suitable for anchoring, towing, and mooring operations, as well as for lifting and handling heavy loads at sea.

Offered in various sizes and capacities to meet specific operational requirements. Customizable options for cable length, drum size, and motor type are also available.

Comes with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty and backed by a dedicated customer service team, providing support and maintenance services.

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Staffa Motors

Kawasaki “Staffa” high torque, low speed radial piston motors use hydrostatic balancing techniques to achieve high efficiency combined with good breakout torque and smooth running capability. It also features the same high starting efficiencies, back pressure capabilities and dynamic displacement change of the HPC range.

The Kawasaki Staffa Atex range of radial piston hydraulic motors consists of various frame sizes offering a large range of capacity and power options. The rugged, well proven design incorporates high efficiency combined with good breakout torque and smooth running capability. Various features and options
are available including, on request, mountings to match competitors’ interfaces.


ScanWill intensifiers

ScanWill’s compact hydraulic pressure intensifiers offer an easy, energy-saving, safe and cost-efficient solution to achieving a higher output pressure from an existing low-pressure power source.

Low pressure supplied to the inlet port – say 15 – 200 bar / 218 – 2,900 psi – is transformed to a higher pressure at the outlet port – from 20 – 4,000 bar / 290 – 58,000 psi.

ScanWill’s pressure intensifiers are offered in cast iron and steel, with a chrome finish, as well as in stainless steel for the oil & gas sector.